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Every Veteran Has a Story.

In 2014, The Veterans Story Project recorded several days of interviews with Wisconsin Veterans for Mettle & Honor: The War Memorial Center Veterans Story Project, a Milwaukee Public Television program which aired in November 2015.

We continue to encourage veterans to add their stories to the Veterans Story Project! Schedule your interview online or call (414) 273-5533. Your story will appear on our Web site and in future programming.

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WWII Veterans

From the fields of Europe to the islands of the South Pacific, “The Greatest Generation” helped to liberate millions from tyranny, and fundamentally changed the course of world history. The reflections of these Wisconsin Veterans are a humble reminder that the price of freedom was a cost they were willing to pay for all of us.

Korean War Veterans

North and South Korea remain culturally and politically divided by the 38th parallel. The line dividing stands as a lasting testament to the sacrifices of American and United Nations forces in protecting the south from communist aggression. Wisconsin Veterans were among them.

Vietnam War Veterans

The Vietnam War divided America, but, when called to serve, Wisconsin Veterans joined thousands of their countrymen to fight in the jungles of southeast Asia. They paid an incredible price, which continues to toll decades later.

Afghanistan/Iraq Veterans

America’s optimism for the promises of a new century was violently cut short by the terrorists attacks that took place on 9/11. America’s military, reservists and thousands of new recruits responded by taking the fight to the enemy in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Like their predecessors, their service in the cause of freedom was not without great, personal sacrifices.

General Service Veterans

Not all service men and women serve in combat roles, yet they play a vital roles in supporting our troops during war and peace. The thoughts of these non-combat Wisconsin Vets convey the pride and honor they feel in having served their country.

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