Commemorative Ornament Bundles

The Commemorative Ornament Bundle includes the first, second, third, and fourth editions of the War Memorial Center Ornament Collection.

The 2023 ornament remembers our service members who are not forgotten. Join us in remembering them during the season and pledge to never forget the service and sacrifice of our POWs and MIAs.

The 2022 ornament features the United States Medals of Honor. Steeped with symbolism, the Medal has become a historic symbol of our nation’s bravest. Out of respect for those who have earned it, its appearance has remained largely unaltered for over 150 years.

The 2021 ornament features mosaic panels designed by renowned artist Edmund Lewandowski hovering above the Eternal Flame, which burns 365 days a year, paying tribute to the 3,481 residents of Milwaukee County killed in action since WWII.

The 2020 ornament commemorates the 75 years since the end of WWII and features the west façade mosaic designed by Edmund Lewandowski, which is made of 1,440,000 pieces and was unveiled on Veterans Day 1959.