Profile of Conscience and Courage: George William “Bill” Fox

Profile of Conscience and Courage: George William “Bill” Fox

This lesson explores the notions of service and sacrifice through the story of George Fox, a World War II Navy officer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Students will write a short biography of Fox based on evidence from a variety of primary sources.

George William “Bill” Fox was one of three ship doctors on the USS Franklin when the aircraft carrier was attacked by the Japanese on March 19, 1945. More than 800 Americans lost their lives during and after the attack, including Fox, who refused to leave his post with his patients in the sickbay below deck. For his heroism and disregard for his own life, Fox was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross, the U.S. Navy’s second-highest decoration for valor in combat.

Duration: 1-3 Class Periods
Grades: 6-8, 9-12, college, community

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