Abraham Lincoln Statue

The statue of Abraham Lincoln on the West side of the War Memorial Center is a true work of art.

Dedicated in 1934 and re-dedicated on Labor Day 1986, the 10’6″ bronze statue was sculpted by American artist Gaetano Cecere (1894-1985), He was commissioned to do the work with pennies collected by area school children.

Pedestal Inscriptions

The North facing front panel of the statue’s granite pedestal reads:

Abraham Lincoln

President, Emancipator, Martyr

The West side of the pedestal carries Lincoln’s words from his second inaugural address on March 4, 1865:

“With malice toward none … and with all nations”

The south face of the pedestal bears the inscription:

“This monument is a gift of the Grand Army of the Republic, the school children, workingmen and citizens :in general of the city of Milwaukee as an expression of their love, loyalty of country and reverence for Abraham Lincoln Memorial Committee, Inc. January 31, 1932.”

On the pedestal’s east face are four quotes honoring Lincoln:

“One of Nature’s Masterful Great Men” — Richard Henry Stoddard
“A Man Inspired of God” — Henry Watterson
“The Man of the People” — Edwin Markham
“The First American” — James Russell Lowell

Learn The Address

Milwaukee’s War Memorial Center accepted the challenge from Ken Burns to “Learn the Address” for his upcoming Documentary, The Address airing April 15th, 2014.

They assembled a group in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Downtown Milwaukee to recite the famous 10-Sentence Address from President Abraham Lincoln. This video will be placed among the thousands of other American’s who recited the address throughout the country on the “Learn the Address” Web site.

Milwaukee County War Memorial Center
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