Executive Leadership Series
Lunch & Learn

The first 40 people to sign up receive a free copy of Christopher Kolenda’s book, Leadership The Warriors Art, a $25.00 value. Bring your EventBrite ticket to registration to redeem your free book.

All workshops are $60 per session, including complimentary parking, and are taught by Christopher Kolenda, Ph.D. COL (ret.), Helping you build a legacy that matters Strategic Leaders Academy; Saber Six Foundation.

April 13:


The 1mm Rule: How Leaders Get Good At Getting Better.

Many leadership experts talk in principles and platitudes but fail to provide specific habits and behaviors that leaders can execute. Strong leaders make small changes daily that create tremendous improvement but often don’t realize or formalize why and how they’ve done it, so they cannot replicate the behaviors across the organization. With a conscious process for small changes to vital matters, you create a model for everyone to improve daily, and you can scale performance across your organization.
Attendees will be able to
  • Enact the six leadership habits needed to move from being a WHAT or HOW leader to Becoming a WHY leader™ so your ability to scale becomes nearly limitless
  • Develop simple action steps you can practice daily that increase your trustworthiness
  • Give, get, and respond to feedback in ways that increase your employees’ respect for you and improve organizational performance.
  • Build habits that promote continuous improvement instead of relying on occasional one-off events with unknown impact

May 11:


PROM Archetypes®: How to position yourself and your employees for success.

Great leaders succeed by surrounding themselves with strong people who want what’s best for the common good and are willing to tell the truth. Iron sharpens iron. Pioneers, Reconcilers, Operators, and Mavericks bring different qualities to your organization, and you need all four archetypes for lasting success. This discussion shows how you can help your subordinates build cognitive diversity and bring out the best in people who think differently.
Attendees will be able to
  • Diagnose if you are in the Dropout, Burnout, Cultivate, or Flow zones and take steps to move toward Flow.
  • Avoid the skill trap that creates burnout for you and your top talent.
  • Place yourself and your employees in a natural state of flow by aligning skills and PROM superpowers to improve retention and performance.
  • Build a cognitively diverse inner circle to improve innovation, decision-making, and execution while avoiding inhaling your own gas.

June 22:


Building an Inspiring Culture™: Action steps to increase clarity, gain buy-in, and boost accountability, so people do what's right without supervision.

The best leaders create a culture with so much buy-in that people do what’s right voluntarily, which allows leaders to look up and out to strategy and growth. Your culture combines clarity and buy-in to your organization’s common good, giving you the foundation to hire the right talent, promote innovation, and heighten performance. Building an Inspiring Culture™ gives you the tools to help your subordinates gain buy-in throughout your organization.
Attendees will be able to
  • Diagnose a culture as Complaint, Chaotic, Contingent, or Inspiring, and take steps to move it toward Inspiring.
  • Improve clarity in values and expectations so people know what to buy into.
  • Confront over values and standards, not incidents.
  • Execute critical behaviors that improve buy-in, such as disagreeing agreeably.
  • Implement proactive accountability to increase performance and reduce the number of uncomfortable conversations and disputes you must address.

Christopher Kolenda, Ph.D. COL (Ret.)

Founder of the Strategic Leaders Academy, writes life-changing books, bicycles for great causes, and helps leaders achieve their dreams.