Artifact Collection

Authentic military uniforms and equipment and personal items used and carried by service members are key components of our education program. Hands-on learning is crucial for a broader, more engaging understanding of the stories we tell. These items also help us create a full story about those who have served.

We are interested in military items connected to Wisconsin service members, especially Milwaukee County service members, particularly, those on our Honor Roll.

Check our list below to see what we are currently accepting and if you have something we are looking for, please fill out the form.

We are not able to accept all donations or acknowledge all requests. If we are able to accept a donation, please ask for a donation tax receipt and we will work with you to coordinate delivery to the War Memorial Center.

We cannot guarantee your donation will be used in an education program or put on display. Items accepted for donation may be removed from frames and display boxes.

If we are unable to accept your items, we recommend checking with the Wisconsin Veterans Museum; state, county and city historical societies; museums dedicated to military branches, units and wars; or organizations that serve veterans like the Military Order of the Purple Heart.



Military/government items:

  • some uniforms (see below)
  • service documents
  • medals
  • unit patches
  • rank patches/pins
  • footlockers
  • mess kits
  • first-aid kits
  • canteens
  • maps
  • government-issued guides to particular war zones
  • language dictionaries
  • phrasebooks
  • propaganda posters

Personal items:

  • original photos
  • photo albums
  • journals
  • diaries
  • scrapbooks
  • letters/cards to and from service members
  • Bibles
  • matchbooks/lighters
  • scale military models
  • personal hygiene kits
  • items service members wore/carried (watches, lockets, photos of loved ones, prayers, good luck charms)
  • foreign currency


Duffel bags, blankets, weapons, live rounds, books, newspapers, yearbooks, unit books, reunion books or materials, plaques, contemporary brochures, pamphlets; DVDs, cassette tapes, VHS tapes


Civil War: All items accepted.

World War I: All items accepted.

World War II, Korea, Vietnam Wars, Global War on Terror: We are accepting uniforms and items related to the female and minority service experience and those belonging to those listed on our Honor Roll.

For uniforms not connected to these groups, we are only accepting these uniforms:

WWII: Army Air Corps, Coast Guard, Merchant Marine
Korean War: Air Force, Coast Guard, Merchant Marine
Vietnam War: Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Merchant Marine
Global War on Terror: Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Merchant Marine

We are very interested in nurse uniforms, Red Cross uniforms and Donut Dolly uniforms.

If your uniform fits our criteria, we accept jackets with or without trousers; no trousers on their own. We are accepting all WWII coats, coveralls, boots, helmets, goggles, and gloves.

Tell us more about your items!

Artifact Donation

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