Milwaukee County War Memorial

Women in War Series Updates

Lioness Panel

About 30 people turned out for the first installment of the WMC Women in War series, a screening of the documentary Lioness, which tells the story of the first women who served in direct ground combat. After the film, the audience had the chance to ask questions of Marissa Readinger (U.S. Army, Iraq), Corianna Cavazos (U.S. Army, Afghanistan) and Meg Jones (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel war correspondent), pictured above.

Full Performances of A Piece of My Heart Coming to WMC

Piece of My Heart

The second installment of the Women in War series was a preview of the play A Piece of My Heart, which will be performed in its entirety April 20-29.

After the preview, the audience had the chance to ask questions of the director and cast, and of three female Vietnam veterans, Mary Jo Mance, U.S. Army nurse, Vietnam, 1970-1971; Sister Linda McClenahan, U.S. Army’s First Signal Brigade, Vietnam 1969-1970; and Ruby Scheuing, U.S. Army nurse, Vietnam, 1967-1968. McClenahan, a.k.a. “Sister Sarge,” was a sergeant assigned to the USARV HDQTRS fixed station communications station, where she had a security clearance two levels above Top Secret. McClenahan processed all kinds of messages from troop movements, surveillance and combat reports, to all of Vietnam’s casualty reports. She had a grueling schedule of 12-hour shifts, 6-1/2 days a week, rotating between working during the day for 30 days, and then overnight for 30 days. Her story was told in chapter two of the book A Piece of My Heart, a collection of stories upon which the play is based.

Next Up: The Hello Girls

The final installment in the series is the screening of the documentary The Hello Girls, which tells the story of the women who served in the U.S. Army Signal Corps during WWI.

The director and descendants will be on hand for a Q&A session, which will be moderated by Meg Jones.

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