Milwaukee County War Memorial

Donor Spotlight: Joe Campbell

Joe CampbellJoe Campbell’s name is a familiar one among veterans in the Greater Milwaukee community.  A resident of Wauwatosa and president of Machinery & Welder Corporation, Joe himself is a Vietnam veteran having served in the U.S. Army from 1965 to 1969.  Joe’s passionate support of veterans has resulted in numerous recognitions such as the Vietnam Veterans of America Wisconsin Veteran of the Year among many other well deserved awards.

War Memorial Center’s Executive Director, Dave Drent says “Joe is definitely the hardest worker for veterans and their needs that I have ever met.”

Joe’s support of the War Memorial Center is long standing and goes far beyond financial support.  He currently serves on the honorary planning committee for our upcoming event LZ War Memorial Center:  Musical Tribute to Vietnam Veterans.

Thank you, Joe, for all you do to help veterans and the War Memorial Center!

Wisconsin Veterans Story Project: Joe Campbell


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