Milwaukee County War Memorial

Teach the Future: Donate Your Uniform to WMC

UPDATE! WMC has received its first donation of military uniforms and items! Dr. Lauren Glass, retired U.S. Navy, professor emerita, and director of the UW-Milwaukee Center for Nursing History donated multiple items including a nursing uniform and overcoat plus other items including wool blankets and a helmet from WWII. The WMC education program thanks her and welcomes your donations! See Photo

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Kids/Vets in UniformVeterans are the heart of the War Memorial Center education program. We have the best chance of engaging school kids and community members through personal military service stories, and having uniforms and other service memorabilia from veterans makes an even greater impact.

These items, used to convey the military experience and U.S. military history, and assembled in a trunk representing each of the combat eras, have been a huge hit with visiting school groups. They can’t keep their hands off them! And we don’t want them to.

We are fortunate to have gotten these uniforms and artifacts on loan from the Wisconsin Veterans Museum in Madison, but they come with rental fees and shipping costs. This year, we want to start building our own collection in order to enhance our education experience.

Fill Our Experience Trunks!

WMC is working to assemble “Experience Trunks” to give our visitors the opportunity to touch, put on and use the uniforms, military-issued artifacts and personal effects from each of these United States battle eras:

  • WWI
  • WWII
  • Korea
  • Vietnam
  • Desert Shield
  • Desert Storm
  • Iraqi Freedom
  • Enduring Freedom.

Contribute Your Memorabilia Today!

Please help us tell the U.S. military experience story — and your story. Contact education program manager Kristen Scheuing at (414) 273-5533 or via e-mail to schedule a drop-off or pickup.

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