General Douglas MacArthur Exhibit

Located in Freedom Gallery near the elevators, the War Memorial Center’s exhibit about General Douglas MacArthur offers an extensive display about the life and times of one of America’s greatest military minds.

The exhibit, which was created by Veterans Community Resource Team (VCRT), continues the group’s ongoing work to celebrate the General, who considered Milwaukee his ancestral home. In 2014, VCRT held MacArthur Memorial Week, an international event that featured presentations by notable speakers and historians who gathered in Milwaukee to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of his death and the 35th Anniversary of the dedication of a statue honoring his service in MacArthur Square. The statue was later moved to Veterans Park.

MacArthur’s WMC Connection

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MacArthur’s WMC Connection
Many people don’t know that General MacArthur was an early advocate for the War Memorial Center. On April 27, 1951, during the dedication of MacArthur Square, MacArthur made the following statement in support of building the War Memorial.

“I am profoundly grateful for the opportu­nity to participate in the dedication of this magnificent monument. It will be a fitting tribute to the valor and sacrifice of the American soldier, whose glory will be an imperishable reminder to all mankind of those deeds which preserved our liberties on the battlefields of the world. It stands as a solemn warning to those who would destroy our freedom either externally or internally.

America will not now, nor in the future, yield that for which so many of these men died. I do not know the dignity of their birth, but I do know the glory of their death. They died that mortal ideals might not perish.

This monument will do even more than commemorate them; it will serve to rally all Americans to the task of maintaining the moral strength which has built our past. It will constantly remind of those sacred and immutable concepts: Liberty, Justice and Truth, upon which long has rested the republic’s faith. It will be for all eyes and for all time a symbol of an even stronger nation whose history still is the future.”

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