Milwaukee County War Memorial

Students Learn Meaning of Veterans Day

WMC Student Visit 2017

On Nov. 2, 2017, 150 students from Wilson Elementary in Wauwatosa visited the War Memorial Center for a field trip in advance of their school’s Veterans Day program on Nov. 10. The following day, 150 students from Wauwatosa’s STEM Elementary also visited. Both schools had a tour of the building and memorials, experienced a hands-on exhibit of replica Civil War items, and learned about WMC’s Zigman War Poster Collection.

The Wilson students enjoyed a feature program from military historian and U.S. Army veteran Tom Staats, while the WSTEM students had a presentation by Vietnam veteran Jerry Witt, who talked about the dogs he served with in combat. Three members of Milwaukee War Dogs also presented to the group with their dogs, which represented the breeds that are best suited to military service. Vietnam veterans Mike Malloy and Ruby Scheuing led the other activities.

In the week leading up to the WSTEM visit, the students waged a “Penny War” at school and in four days, collected $315 which they donated to War Memorial Center for education programing.

WMC helped both schools coordinate their Veterans Day programs.

Visit to V.A. Medial Center

VA Student Visit 2017

After leaving the War Memorial Center, the Wilson and WSTEM students stopped at the VA Medical Center to deliver hundreds of hand-made cards they’d made for the veterans and military personnel receiving services there.

During the visit, which was coordinated by WMC with the VA’s Community Engagement and Relations division, the students had a chance to meet and high-five a variety of veterans who work at the VA.

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