Milwaukee County War Memorial

On the Road with Chairman Pete

PochowskiA few weeks ago, I  accepted the invitation to speak to the members of the Lois and Tom Dolan Community Center in Brown Deer.  As a new endeavor for the War Memorial Board,  I was excited to meet and address members of our community to talk about one of my favorite topics – the War Memorial Center (WMC).

Almost 40 members were in attendance as I explained the history of the WMC, the major renovations of the past few years, and plans for the future. Most of the audience of senior citizens had visited the facility but most admitted it has been years since they were last there. All were excited to hear that as we celebrate 60 years of service to our community, the building has been completely restored to its original appearance. They were also impressed that so many exciting activities like speakers, symposiums, and the regular visits of hundreds of students were now a part of the WMC.

As I expected, there were several vets in attendance as well as many more spouses of vets. Of course, I thanked them all for their service and I invited them to tour “their” War Memorial real soon.

I ended my visit by telling them that things are looking pretty good for us right now but I added, “You ain’t seen nothing yet! Wait ‘til you see our next 60 years!”       

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