Milwaukee County War Memorial

Off to a Hot Start

WMC Sunrise

As we begin the new year I want to confirm that we have, in fact, signed very important contracts with Milwaukee County and the Milwaukee Art Museum. We have now formed a cooperative association for the new Lakefront Cultural Condominium Center (LCCC). As proud new owners of the War Memorial Center we are looking forward to working with our new partners to help make this most iconic site in our community more vibrant and more relevant than ever.

We are all excited about this arrangement and the prospects for significant improvements on the entire campus in the near future.

I am also pleased to announce that we have passed the $1,000,000 mark in our fund-raising efforts for the reconstruction of Memorial Hall. We still need your support. Work on the Hall is well under way and will be completed by February 1.

These two successes rank high on the list of War Memorial Center achievements of the past few decades. I want to thank three people who played major roles in these efforts. The chairman of the WMC Development Committee, Michael Grebe, led the way in our fund-raising. Also instrumental was George Gaspar, who has been a major force at WMC for more than a decade. The third key person is longtime WMC board member Andy Schlidt, who was one of our attorneys in the LCCC effort.

It is no coincidence that these three also are recipients of WMC‘s Patriot Award, our highest honor, which is proudly displayed in Veterans Gallery. Each of them has made significant contributions on behalf of WMC, their most recent work coming after being named “Patriots” by our board. Not resting on their laurels, these gentlemen willingly accepted the additional aforementioned challenges on our behalf.

The end result?

WMC is situated better today than in any time in recent memory. Thank you all for your leadership and commitment to WMC, our vets and our community.

With these significant accomplishments under our belt we will now set our sights on three major projects. Our No. 1 objective for 2018 is our education program, as well as the Medal of Honor Exhibit and our the Missing in Action/Prisoner of War Exhibit (MIA/POW).

To accomplish this, we will need the help of our current veteran supporters and many more, so please consider joining our team to talk about your life as a veteran to visiting youth from all over Milwaukee. It is not only interesting, it is fun! We are Milwaukee’s Cultural Center of Patriotism and we need your help to bring these service stories to life. To be added to our list of presenters and veteran volunteers, please call (414) 273-5533 or send us an email.

While we are pleased with the major accomplishments of last year, as you can see, 2018 promises to be yet another exciting year for your War Memorial Center. Frankly, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Stay tuned!

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