Honor Roll and Eternal Flame Memorial

Set in a small pool in the Honor Court on Fitch Plaza, an eternal flame illuminates a black-granite Honor Roll listing Milwaukee County’s 3,481 war dead since World War II, the wars in Korean and Vietnam and those related to the Global War on Terrorism.

The Honor Roll became the first Vietnam Memorial in the country when the names of the Milwaukee County Vietnam War dead were added. In May 2015, 13 names were added to honor those who have been killed in the performance of their duties throughout the Global War on Terrorism.

Above the reflecting pool are four mosaic panel insignias that honor Milwaukee County’s war dead from the Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, and Marines. They were designed in 1957 by renowned artist Edmund Lewandowski, who also constructed the mosaic on the west facade of the War Memorial Center.

Located in an alcove just south of the reflecting pool, rests a bronze plaque honoring Milwaukee County’s war dead from World War I.

Milwaukee County War Memorial Center
750 N. Lincoln Memorial Drive
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202
(414) 273-5533