Milwaukee County War Memorial

Fun Facts about WMC Executive Director Dave Drent

Thank you, Dave Drent for 45 years of incredible service to the War Memorial Center and veterans throughout Wisconsin!

Veteran Stock

Dave is the son of a WWII veteran, with four uncles who also served in that war.

Humble Start


Dave Drent: Then & Now

Dave started working at the War Memorial Center 45 years ago as a member of the maintenance crew and now his son Alex is also working in that role.


Dave and Debbie Drent

Dave and his wife Debbie were the very first couple to host their wedding at the War Memorial Center. The War Memorial Center is now one of the most popular wedding venues in the city, with weddings booked every weekend during the wedding season. This year, Dave’s son Adam also used the War Memorial Center to host his rehearsal dinner. A full circle moment for Dave and Debbie!

Nice to Meet You


Dave Drent: Important Visitors

A young Adam Drent was at his Dad’s side when Vice President Al Gore (top left) visited and toured the WMC 17 years ago. In his role as Executive Director of the WMC, Dave has met numerous dignitaries.

Simply the Best

Drent with Vets

Dave will tell you the best part of his job is meeting so many veterans from so many walks of life. “They don’t look for accolades. They just roll up their sleeves and continue to work towards making our country the best it can be.”

Always with a Smile

Dave Drent and Friends

Dave’s favorite events at the War Memorial Center are the Memorial Day and Veterans Day parades.

“I feel very proud to be an American as I watch these veterans, some very elderly, get the applause they deserve. There is no place I would rather be on those days than the War Memorial Center.”

Iced for Vets

In 2014, Dave took the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness about veterans who have ALS. If you never saw it, now is your chance!


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