Milwaukee County War Memorial

Recognizing Patriots

Joe Campbell

Left to Right: WMC Board Chairman Peter Pochowski, Joe Campbell and WMC Executive Director David Drent.

The War Memorial’s Patriot Award was created in 2015 to recognize those individuals who have gone far above and beyond in service to the WMC. Not intended to be an annual award, the WMC Board of Trustees only recognize these folks when their contributions rise to the necessary level for nomination. Fully aware that there have been some who would have earned this award if it had been established when we were founded in 1957, for now we are focused on the present.

Thus far, we are proud that Michael Grebe, George Gaspar, and Andy Schlidt are the only names on the award that is proudly displayed in Veterans Gallery. On February 20, 2018, we added the name of another worthy individual, Joe Campbell.

Space does not allow me to list all the contributions he has made to the WMC but he has played a major role in many important military events that have been held at the WMC for decades. Whether he was delivering the 9/11 Memorial steel beam, or being an event host, guest speaker, or just Joe being Joe, he made every event in which he participated much more memorable. Few Vietnam vets have the earned the special place in the hearts of his colleagues as has Joe. With his ever-present smile, his finest quality may be that he is just a great human being.

On behalf of the WMC Board of Trustees, congratulations Joe! This one’s for you!

In American History

In March 1931, the U.S. Congress approved the Star Spangled Banner as our country’s national anthem. I remind all who aspire to sing the anthem at a school or sporting event that it is not a love song, not an audition tune for American Idol , and as we witnessed at the NBA All-Star game recently, not a “Happy Birthday Mr. President” song.

Americans love the anthem for the way it was written. Just ask Fergie (who may now be under the FBI’s Witness Protection Program). We should honor the song for the story it tells about a critical moment in our country’s history. This was an eyewitness account of incredible courage of Americans who fought so bravely against impossible odds to remain free.

I don’t see the need to alter the Star Spangled Banner at all, regardless of the size of the event or the size of the artist. Leave it alone. That would be the best honor of all.

Celebrating Women

March is National Woman’s Month and we salute the 204,290 women who currently serve in our armed forces. More than 15% of our total force is female and we applaud the job they do and the roles their predecessors have played in keeping America free.

Brewers Game for Vets

Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Jerry Hardt has been running a special Milwaukee Brewers party at Miller Park for many years. This year he celebrates his 15th Annual Vet’s Game on Sunday, April 8, Brewers against the Cubs.

The ticket price includes a first-rate dinner, beverages, and dessert, and a seat in the luxurious Northwestern Mutual Life Club Suite. A portion of the price ($145 per ticket) goes to cover admission for a Vietnam veteran. This is a good cause and our thanks to Jerry Hardt for his terrific gesture.

For more details, pleased download the event flyer. Thanks!

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