Milwaukee County War Memorial

Get Ready for Summer at WMC!

WMC SummerWith Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer in our rear view mirror we can lay out the plans for the events we have scheduled in the next few months.

First, I have to compliment the Master of Ceremonies for the Milwaukee Memorial Day Parade. Pat Romero, a member of the War Memorial Board of Trustees, and a retired Navy Senior Chief, kept things rolling, upbeat, and professional. I was honored to have a front row seat and I saw the master at work. Great job Pat!

Adding to the event was the Parade Marshall, Tim Baranczyk, who also served on our special Operation Renew Committee. He played a big part in the many changes we have made to the WMC in the past two years. Tim was honored for the tremendous work he has done on behalf of veterans in the Milwaukee area. Tim continues to serve years after his retirement and this recognition was well deserved.

Fireworks and Rock ‘n Roll

In addition to our Annual 3rd of July Fireworks, the WMC is proud to honor the Vietnam era veterans with a unique musical tribute to their individual and collective service. Our staff fully understands how the music of that era has touched and influenced American youth since the 60’s and we have planned an evening of fun, remembrance, and music. More info is available on our website but we hope to see you on August 4th for our tribute LZ War Memorial.

Are You Safe from CyberCrime?

On September 15th  the War Memorial will host what we believe is one of the most important activities ever held in our venue — a seminar on CyberCrime. With the endless reports of attacks into personal, banking and business accounts, to include the U.S. Military, we are inviting the public to attend an eye-opening presentation from a nationally recognized expert on the topic of cyber security. A panel of other experts will then guide the audience through specific problems and solutions. This promises to be well attended so check out our website for information for details.

If you think our summer is heavy on events, just wait until the fall and winter. I assure you,

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

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