Milwaukee County War Memorial

Memorial Day

Memorial WallMemorial Day.

To military veterans of the United States there may be no date on our calendar that means more to us. While Veterans Day honors all who served, Memorial Day is set aside for a special group of veterans – those who paid the ultimate price of our freedom. To continue this time honored tradition locally, we know there are hundreds of dedicated patriots who have spent months planning events just to make this day special.

How can we thank them?

Personally, I believe that participating in one of these events is the best way. There are many events you can attend like the Memorial Day parades and picnics. These local celebrations are conducted in several of the communities of Milwaukee County. They include, of course, the main event – the Downtown Milwaukee Memorial Day Parade. This is the largest and grandest celebration of them all. Military units, current and former military members and organizations, along with various bands, schools, etc. participate in the parade. It is a great time for all, it helps pass along a great tradition to our children, and it shows this community’s support for our fallen heroes. Of course, if none of this fits your schedule, you can pause for a moment and quietly reflect on the purpose of this day.

If you cannot be one of those who make these events happen you can do your part by making these events a “happening.” Your presence means a lot to the workers and the veterans. So please show your support of your friends and neighbors who have given so much of their time and energy in planning and conducting these activities. They have given a lot to honor those who have given the most.

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