Milwaukee County War Memorial

Donor Spotlight: Robert S. Zigman

Bob ZigmanBob Zigman’s support of the War Memorial Center is visible on nearly every wall of the third and fourth floors. He and his son, Robert, through their incredible donation of one of the largest collections of original World War I and World War II posters have enriched the experience of thousands of visitors to the War Memorial since 2002.

Bob, a WWII veteran and recipient of the Bronze Star award, put together this collection over a period of 60 years and believes the posters help to tell the history of America and the sacrifices made during these wars. We couldn’t agree more with the posters serving as an integral part of our educational programs with youth groups. Most people find they have a favorite poster and Bob is no exception with “Uncle Sam Wants You” at the top of his list of favorites.

Thank you for the enduring impact of this generous gift  — we wouldn’t be the same without your support!

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