Milwaukee County War Memorial

Donor Spotlight: Dan and Eileen Meehan


Generosity without borders.

This month we recognize a couple whose generosity has improved the lives of thousands not only in the Milwaukee area but throughout the world. Dan and Eileen Meehan have built schools, medical clinics and other facilities in countries such as the Philippines, Mexico, Tanzania and Kenya.

Dan, as a young U.S. Merchant Marine who hailed from Staten Island, New York, was forever changed when he sailed into the Mediterranean in 1948 and saw a land and its people devastated by the war.

Those impressions stayed with the young mariner and after the sale of his company in 1996, Dan and Eileen formed the Meehan Family Foundation and have dedicated their philanthropic efforts towards helping the neediest around the world and at home.

The Meehans are actively involved in their philanthropic efforts and personally visit areas chosen for support by their foundation. We are humbled by the extent of their generosity and passion to better the lives of so many.

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