Milwaukee County War Memorial

Did Lincoln Aid Washington in Revolutionary War?

Benjamin LincolnSometimes history has taken some unusual turns. Yes, a man named Lincoln actually aided Washington in the Revolutionary War and he did so significantly.

Let me explain.

In September, 1776, General George Washington’s new Army was in disarray. Not knowing all of his senior leaders very well, General Washington desperately needed someone with whom he could trust for a critical command: so he called on a man named Lincoln — Major General Benjamin Lincoln.

Lincoln and his men formed part of the rear guard which allowed Washington the flexibility to form a new safer defensive position against the Brits. This gave Washington time to raise a bigger army and to train them. This was the first, but not the last time Lincoln aided Washington.

Years later, after Gen. Phillip Schuyler surrendered to the British at Ticonderoga, Washington replaced him with Gen. Lincoln. Lincoln was also selected later to replace Gen. Benedict Arnold who left in disgrace. Finally, once the war had been won, British General Charles Cornwallis met Washington and ceremoniously presented his sword as a sign of surrender. Once again, Washington called on Gen. Lincoln, directing him to accept the sword in his place. Clearly, Lincoln served Washington with distinction right up to the end of the war.

I think it is important in the month of July each year, to not only celebrate our nation’s birth but to read about the heroes who sacrificed so much to make it happen. Some of the stories are just fascinating. Like this one. We all knew a man named Lincoln played a major role in our Civil War. Who knew that a man named Lincoln also played such an important role in the Revolutionary War.

Well, now you know.

Finally, I want to congratulate the full-time staff of the War Memorial Center and Saz’s Restaurant for the great job they did with the Annual 3rd of July Fireworks. A lot of time and effort went into that event and the staffs of both organizations worked late into the evening to ensure another wonderful experience for the record number 1,700 attendees.

You made us all proud! Thank you.

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