Milwaukee County War Memorial

Happy 45th Anniversary to Dave Drent!

Dave DrentThe War Memorial Center (WMC) opened to the public on Veterans Day, 1957. This year we are celebrating 60 years of honoring those who served for us. We are also celebrating another milestone for the WMC —Executive Director David Drent’s 45th year as a member of the staff.

Since he first started as member of the maintenance crew, he soon worked his way up the ranks to Maintenance Supervisor, then Operations Manager, and finally, Executive Director. Over the years I have heard several veterans tell me that Dave has done as much for our vets as any single person in Milwaukee County.

With so many to consider in that discussion (county population of 1.1 million), just being in the conversation speaks volumes about Dave’s many accomplishments.

Since 2012 I have worked alongside Dave in the inner circle of the leadership team of the WMC, first as Vice-Chair and more recently as Chairman of the Board of Trustees. It is easy for me to see how he earned his reputation as a supporter of veterans. Through some very difficult days of budget cuts, staff changes, board expansion and contraction, Dave has remained solid in his support of our men and women in uniform. And when the troops were needed to help save the WMC, they rallied around Dave and the WMC, returning his years of unyielding loyalty.

I know I speak for the board in congratulating Dave for his outstanding service to the citizens of Milwaukee County and its veterans. Dave Drent. Clearly, one in a million!



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