Page 13 - WMC 2022 Annual Report
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Thank you for helping the War Memorial Center be the place where our heroes are honored, history is taught, and warriors are healed. Donors and volunteers are making a difference every day at the War Memorial Center (WMC).
Hundreds of community volunteers helped place 12,301 American flags over Memorial Day weekend. Over 100 veterans volunteer each year for our education programs with area youth.
Visitors come from all over the country, even volunteering to help revitalize monuments in front of WMC. Area corporations play a vital role through sponsorships of our events and exhibits.
Foundations and our individual donors are critical partners in the success of WMC services and programs.
“My son is a Marine. So this cause is really close to my heart.”
— Susan Schaffer, Slinger
“I’m a veteran and my grandfather and uncle were veterans. This is a very important cause to me. I’m new to Wisconsin, coming from Illinois, and wanted to get involved in a meaningful way for Memorial Day.”
—Jarod Clayberg, Field of Flag volunteer
The third commemorative WMC ornament featured the Medal of Honor. It was our most popular design to date and was displayed on Christmas trees across the country. A Medal of Honor recipient purchased numerous ornaments to send as gifts to his fellow Medal of Honor veterans.

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