Milwaukee County War Memorial

Almost Sunrise Screening Starts Important Conversation

“Thank you for showing this amazing film. To see it, is life-changing.”

“I was humbled by this film.”

“This film really helped me better understand the effect of war on our veterans.”

These were just some of the comments we heard from the 200 people who attended our free screening of the film Almost Sunrise last week.

The film follows the journey of Anthony Anderson and Tom Voss, as they seek to find hope, redemption and peace after struggling with depression related to their military service in the Iraq War.

Haunted by their war experiences, the two set off from the War Memorial Center, on a 2,700-mile cross-country trek by foot to California in the hope of coming to terms with their past, and to ultimately find a way to save themselves.

With veteran suicide at the alarmingly high rate of nearly 22 deaths per day, this film is an important conversation starter.

After the film, we held a Q&A with Tom and Anthony. The questions were powerful and the audience was highly engaged.  You can watch the entire talk-back below from our Facebook page.

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