Milwaukee County War Memorial

25th Anniversary of Southeastern Wisconsin’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial

SE WI Vietnam Memorial

Photo Graciously Donated By John December.

On the heels of a wonderful musical tribute to Vietnam veterans this summer during LZ War Memorial Center,  Vietnam veterans will once again be welcomed home during the 25th anniversary celebration of the memorial that stands in their honor just north of the War Memorial Center.

It was October 20, 1991 that the Southeast Wisconsin’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial was dedicated in Veterans Park.  The moving memorial was the culmination of private and corporate donations raised to create a place of prominence and honor for those who served during the Vietnam era. The original theme for the dedication was “We Are One. Once Again & Forever.”

Now, many of those original organizers are back with a free anniversary event to celebrate the 25 years since the memorial was dedicated.

We invite everyone to come join these heroes as they gather in the place that inspires and binds them together.

A ceremony will be held on Thursday, October 20th at 5pm on the grounds of the memorial in Veterans Park.  Immediately following, there will be free food and entertainment inside the War Memorial Center’s Veterans Gallery for a “Together Again Party.”

Sometimes, it’s easy to take memorials for granted.  They become part of the landscape that “has always been there.”   Runners, bikers, and walkers stroll by the pathways adjacent to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial without even giving it a second glance.

That’s a shame. If they did, they might be surprised at the symbolism held within those granite pillars.

So indulge us as we break it down for you, by the numbers.


The number of Wausau Red Granite Columns. Each stands 22, 26 and 30 feet high.


The number of granite benches representing the five branches of the military.


The number of granite posts encircling the memorial that signify each officially recognized year of the war.


The number of POW/MIA


The number Killed in Action


The number who returned home.

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