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War Memorial Center Rentals FAQ

Q : How many guests can the War Memorial Center accommodate?

Memorial Hall


Dinner/Dance ……………………………… Up to 260
Dinner Only ……………………………… Up to 260
Theater-style ……………………………… Up to 260

Fitch Plaza

All Event Types ……………………………… Up to 1,200 *

Meeting Rooms

Room 413 ……………………………… Up to 24
Room 411 ……………………………… Up to 30

* Additional fees may apply to groups over 300

Q : Can the War Memorial Center accommodate both the wedding ceremony and reception?

Yes.  Many couples planning late spring, summer, or early fall weddings prefer to hold the ceremony on Fitch Plaza overlooking Lake Michigan, followed by a cocktail reception before moving to Memorial Hall for dinner and dancing.

Q : What does my rental include?

The rental fee includes the use of one designated area for up to six hours (4 hours for daytime/ events),
tables, chairs, and on set-up per event. The rental period can not be divided between two different areas. If more than one area is used an additional rental fee will apply.

Q : Does my rental include sales tax?

Sales tax will be charged when the facility is rented for amusement, entertainment, athletic, or
recreational purposes.  Rental fees do not include sales tax.  Sales tax will be applied to final invoice if applicable.

Q : What if we plan our event outside and the weather is bad?

It’s always good to have an alternate plan.  Some renters will choose to secure a tent and some choose the event closer to the building, under the overhang, which provides tent-like cover.  Others choose to move their event inside.  If it is necessary to move the event inside due to inclement weather, there is not an additional set-up fee.

Q : Will there be another event happening at the same time?

No.  The War Memorial Center does not double-book events.  Depending on the time of day
of your event, another event may precede or follow, but it will not compete with yours for space
or staff attention. Browse Calendars: Weddings | Meetings

Q : Is the War Memorial Center handicapped accessible?

Yes.  Both the interior and exterior of the War Memorial Center comply with all ADA regulations.

Q : Do you have on-site caterers?

The War Memorial Center has a list of approved caterers from which to choose.  All food
and bar service must be provided by one of the approved caterers on this list.  You may not
bring your own food or alcohol for an event.

Q : Do I need any special permits?

No.  The War Memorial Center has secured permits that cover almost any event.  Any exception will
be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Q : How much is the deposit to secure a date?

A $1,000.00 (non-refundable and non-transferable) deposit due at the time the contract is signed.  The balance is due 90 days prior to your event.  Download Contract (PDF)

Q : Can we use candles in Memorial Hall?

Yes, if they are enclosed (e.g. votives, hurricanes, floating candles).  Open flames are against fire code.

Q : How early can we/our vendors come in to set-up prior to the event?

You are guaranteed two (2) hours prior to your contracted start time for set-up.  During your final walk-through we can determine if you can come in any earlier.  We do not charge a fee for set-up time.

Q : When can I schedule my rehearsal?

Due to the nature of our event schedule, you are not guaranteed the evening before in the space to hold your rehearsal. We will work with you to find a time that works with your schedule and our schedule of events. Many clients hold an early afternoon rehearsal followed by a brunch. Please check with your events manager six (6) weeks before your event date to schedule your rehearsal time.

Q : What does the War Memorial Staff handle?

WMC’s staff is responsible for set-up and take down of all tables and chairs for both your ceremony and reception. They are not responsible for catering, dinner service, beverage service, or décor set-up or take down,

Q : What am I responsible for at the end of the night?

Any/all items that were brought in by your party will be your responsibility at the end of the night. Please see decoration policy for further explanation.

Q : Are there any additional fees I can anticipate?

Our venue pricing is designed without hidden fees. Sales tax (5.6%) is not included in our rental price and would be applied to the final invoice when applicable. Any additional rentals are solely up to the renter (as explained on the rental rates page)

Q : What size tables do you include?

Guest seating tables are 60” rounds that seat (8) guests each. We also include 8’ banquet tables for your head table and display tables (DJ, Gift, Buffet, etc.) WMC does not provide linens, china, silverware, or glassware for your event.

Q : Are there any vendor restrictions?

Outside of food and beverage, you are welcome to bring in any DJ/Band, Florist/Decorator, Baker, Photo booth, etc. of your choosing

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