Milwaukee County War Memorial

Operation Renew: Objectives

  1. To provide this community a memorial facility that pays tribute to those who died in the service of our country and who called
    the Greater Milwaukee Area their home.
  2. To provide a solemn place where the families of deceased veterans and other citizens of our community will find an appropriate, peaceful
    and respectful environment where they can pause, reflect, and remember the sacrifices of their loved ones who served in uniform.
  3. To focus our resources on providing a location that facilitates military ceremonies, veteran events, and other patriotic activities.
  4. To provide office space for veterans and veterans’ groups/organizations to meet and/or conduct business meetings,
    social activities, and educational programs.
  5. Special emphasis will be placed on veterans of recent conflicts whose lesser numbers make assimilation back into
    our society more difficult.
  6. To nurture the patriotism of our youth through memorials, ceremonies, and docent programs which may inspire
    them to serve their country.
  7. To offer a quality public meeting place for social events for the citizens of our community.
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