Milwaukee County War Memorial

Laurie Kildegaard

Director of Finance & Administration

Laurie-KildegaardLaurie considers her job an honor and strives every day to live up to the War Memorial’s mission of  honoring the dead by serving the living. She has been doing just that since 1988 here at the War Memorial Center. Laurie is responsible for the effective management of the War Memorial’s financial and administrative functions, but it’s all about serving the veterans.

“These men and women sacrificed so much to preserve and protect our freedom. When my father immigrated to the U.S. from Denmark, he felt strongly about serving the country he would call his new home, so he joined the Army and served for 4 years.”

Service is in Laurie’s DNA.

One of her most memorable days on the job was September 8, 2011, when they received a steel girder from the World Trade Center which would become our 9-11 memorial.

“Joe Campbell, a Vietnam veteran and War Memorial board member, personally drove one of his company trucks to retrieve the piece from the New York/New Jersey Port Authority. We were expecting to see a procession led by Milwaukee’s fire and police departments and a few other interested veterans when Joe arrived with the artifact in his truck. What we weren’t expecting was what followed — hundreds of Patriot Guard Riders proudly flying the United States flag on their motorcycles. They had met Joe at the Wisconsin/Illinois border and escorted the delivery of the 1,500 pound steel girder to the War Memorial Center. It was a very moving experience.”

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