Milwaukee County War Memorial

David Drent

Executive Director

drent-bioDavid brings more than 4 decades of experience at the War Memorial Center to his role as executive director. He is responsible for all aspects of operating the War Memorial Center and for its long term success.

A big part of that future success revolves around the Operation Renew campaign. David says, “It’s crucial that we restore the facility to a place that respectfully honors all veterans especially those who paid the ultimate price and to educate our youth so we never forget the price of freedom.”

David says the best part of his job is meeting so many veterans from so many walks of life. He says it’s an honor to be associated with them and admires their sacrifice. “They don’t look for accolades. They just roll up their sleeves and continue to work towards making our country the best it can be.”

That’s the type of work ethic David grew up with as the son of a WWII veteran, with 4 uncles who also served in that war. He finds the War Memorial to be a very special place and the principles in which is was created after WWII still stand true today. The WMC is truly a living, breathing tribute to those who served.

His favorite event at the War Memorial is when the Veteran’s Day parade marches by. “I feel very proud to be an American as I watch these veterans, some very elderly, get the applause they deserve. There is no place I would rather be on that November Saturday afternoon.”

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